[Q] Nexus One JTAG pinout?

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Oct 11, 2010
How did you brick it?
I don't know. Its just rebooted and stucked at the X logo. Then i started the recovery menu. I pushed the factory reset, but i don't want it, so i put out the battery. Its just started the reset. I know, it was stupid thing, but adter the phone worked normally. Next morning (i charged it at night) it was stucked again at the X logo, the led was green. I left with the phone, but i can't power it on. Afternoon it doesn't do anything. When i try to charge it, the battery get hot, so its charging, but the led doesn't lights up. I have no recovery on anything else and the PC can't see the USB. It's the full history.


New member
Nov 2, 2010
Check out the RiffBox. For $150, it has support for unbricking several dozen devices (including the Nexus One). The RiffBox allows you to reflash your SPL.
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