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[Q] No Boot, no ADB, no Recovery, only fastboot need a Goldcard.img file

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New member
Jun 21, 2010
After trying to get back to the original stock rom i missed a step now have

only fastboot so cant create a goldcard (on orange UK) can any one post the gold card img file please or tell me where to download, so I can try and recover my phone.

Help would be very appreciated -thanks


Senior Member
Dec 17, 2010

1)To create a gold card follow this: http://www.nazriawang.com/2010/04/how-to-create-goldcard-with-ubuntu.html . You don't need your phone to make a gold card, since it is unique by card and not by phone. In conclusion no one could send you the .img file that will work with your SD card. You need to make it.

2)After making the card, try and extract the PB99IMG from the latest RUU WWE 2.29.405.5 and put it in the root of SD. Here it is how: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=880268 (2nd post). After this go to hboot (Vol Down + Power) and the hboot should load the RUU and bring you to stock.

Hope this helps.


New member
Jun 21, 2010
I used my galaxy tab to get Id off the card and a windows gold card tool to make a 2gb gold card and I have tried 3 differnent PB99IMG file and most ruu and all i get is CID error everytime. I can't root cos the phone won't boot. Also recovery mode is dead so cant do a restore. Theres no Orange Ruu so I take it its totaly bricked than and has to go back to Orange ?


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2011
Hey man... dont use goldcard tool.. instead .. do this..

Format your memorycard in 1 single fat32 partition.... put your memory card in your samsung tab....
got to market
search for goldcard helper..

this app will give you your memorycard reverse CID...
Once you got this go to below link
and follow from step 7 in III. create a Goldcard

and use this RUU