[Q] No signal on unlocked HTC Sensation

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Sep 23, 2011
I followed method 2 in this thread to unlock my new HTC Sensation. I can't reply to that thread because I don't have ten posts on these forums.

After unlocking my phone, it accepts my SIM but I constantly have "No Service". The SIM works perfectly in other phones. I tried another SIM in my Sensation and got the same problem. I've checked my APN settings and there are no problems there. I've tried restoring my oldest Nandroid backup, restoring factory settings, etc. but with no luck. When I search for network operators, my phone tells me, "Error while searching for networks." I haven't tried restoring with an RUU (where can I get one?) but other users who seem to have the same problem have tried that with no luck.

At one point last night my phone did suddenly have signal and start working properly. I can't imagine what caused this; my phone was sitting on my desk untouched at the time. (I only noticed because it beeped to indicate it had received an SMS.) I tried sending and receiving calls and both worked just fine.

However, some time later I needed to put my SIM back in my old phone to check something. When I put the SIM and battery back in my Sensation, I was back to No Service. After waiting several hours the situation still hasn't resolved itself like it did before.

Does anyone know what's going on here, or better yet, how I can fix it? Is there any way I can reverse whatever the PG58DIAG file did to my phone? I actually have my phone's real unlock code now, so would be very happy if I could set it back how it was and unlock it legitimately. (I resorted to this method because I was impatient last night and am kicking myself now.)

Edit: In the interest of providing as much information as possible, I'm 90% sure I shut my phone down and restarted it at least once after it started working last night. It was only after taking the battery out that it went back to No Service.
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Mar 11, 2007
no service

Just to add my problem, i was unable to unlock using free methods but used mobileunlockcodes and got code within minutes, however i still kept getting no service so i cleaned and adjusted contacts to make a better connection after doing this signal came up straight away.

Xda always helps me love this site keep up the good work.

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    i feel so dumb, i did the whole thing without the back cover which is also the antenna of the phone so thats why i had no signal and a weak wifi signal!
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