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[Q] Noob Help Please!!!!

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New member
Oct 3, 2011
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hello all,
This is my first post; however, I have been using the supersonic XDA forums for about 6 months now for help with rooting and new ROM installations. I recently flashed the new Bliss 3.5 from team Nocturnal and have been loving it. Only problem is that I wanted to load some music on my phone and there is no charging options (from the notification menu you can select normal charging, disk drive, wireless tether, etc). Not a big deal, just boot into another ROM, sync the music, and switch back to the Nocturnal Bliss ROM. Not a problem, unless you deleted every other ROM on the SD card to save space. So now in recovery I only have the gapps.zip and the .SIX zip of Bliss. Is there a way I can upload a new ROM to the SD card from recovery? Sorry for the inexperienced question: but the original thread for the Nocturnal Bliss ROM is closed, so there is no help there.

Inexperienced Matt


New member
Nov 4, 2010
Yeah just remove your SD card from the phone and put a .zip file of a rom on it via a computer. Then put your SD card back into your phone and flash the rom through your recovery.


Senior Member
Oct 2, 2011
He doesn't need amon to mount from rocovery. I think clockwork had an option to mount the phone to the computer as well, last time i checked. That's how i use to sync my phone to my computer after i flashed the runny hybrid. I have amon now just cuz they say its more reliable.

but yea, you don't need to keep re-flashing the connect your phone to the computer, that just seems like a waste of time. Just go into recovery and find an option to mount/connect the phone to be computer. Your computer should then pick it up and open up the drive.
If you are using amon ra, the option is called "usb-ms toggle"
If you are using clockwork, the option is called "mount USB storage" under "mount and storage"

hope this helps