[Q] Nova Launcher + stock ICS vs. CM9; reversability of LPY/LP9?

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Jan 31, 2012
I've been on official CM9 for weeks as I want a user experience as closely resembling AOSP as possible, but I am wanting a return to good S-pen functionality, and OTG. Having root would be nice, but I could do without it... Especially considering this nugget of wisdom.

1. Would stock ICS (LPY since I have a German Note, or would LP9 be safer/better?) and Nova Launcher give me a reasonable facsimile of the AOSP user experience? I want its appearance and general behavior, and core apps (calendar, MMS, contacts, phone, keyboard, etc.). I realize they wouldn't come with the ROM, but is it doable to install them myself? I imagine this would come back to the catch-22 of requiring root to do away with the S-app "equivalents".

2. Am I correct in understanding that I will be safe to flash LPY using PC Odin, and that, if desired, I could again use PC Odin to revert to stock GB to regain root and go flash something else?

3. Prior to official CM9, I was using imilka's CM9 -- which, as we all know, involved flashing a base of i9220 Repack. I'm quite sure I only used LP1, but considering dr.ketan's warning in the above-linked thread, I'm curious if there is a way I can find out that I don't have the leaked bootloader which bricked chainfire's Note. I recall that at least one of imilka's CM9 updates included the LP5 or LP6 kernel. Would that have a similar effect?
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Mar 24, 2012
good question

well its always a fight b/w stock android and custom roms. Its true custom roms are more fashionable and customizable. But on the other hand they are never 100% stable. As custom roms are merger of apps, so.etimes conflicts cause bugs. Well to select a rom whether stock or custom you have to first decide what you want more. Customization and more good look or stability and daily usability. For the former one u need a custom rom and for the later u shoukd go for a stock rom with or without root.

I root my note after using gingerbread stock for a month. Then i tried various ics roms but just until ics was oyt for n7000. Since that day i an using official ics and i only had to do a single factory restore. Since then i am doing great. Loving the stock ics rom. Plus i download launcher and iys theme if i want something different.