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[Q] Please help me in rooting my Phone...

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Senior Member
Sep 29, 2012
Hey I want to root my Micromax Smarty A25. Searched it for over 3 months but cant get any successful answer. I have tried all the softwares
Here is the list of softwares which I tried :-
Zergrush Exploit
Motofail Exploit
Instant root
visionary +
and many more.....
but I am Unsuccessful in rooting my phone....Please help me any expert
You can Contact me at :- +919529179518
Email : [email protected]
Please Help....
You can also add a single cell in your collection to increase your knowledge, test your skills, and last but not the least helping me...
You can get it at a very cheap price around 60$.
but that help will be very kind to me..
Kindly help me...........