[Q] Please Help me to fix this on ZTE Nubia Z7 max

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Jan 15, 2013
After flashing stock rom V2.13/V.309/V.315 using nubia updater tool . It works like a charm but whenever I flash gapps for lollipop :

I have tried following gapps package :

From need rom that given along with v.3.09
Tried PICO gapps , modular , mini , basic all tried.
Tried all other gaaps .

But whenever I install gapps then after first boot up it works whenver I reset it it shows following error and I can't pass this screen.

I tried BB72 ROM V3.19 it working fine as it comes with preinstalled gapps . But on stock gapps are not working out.


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I'm on stock 3.19 and Gapps are running stable.

Which version did you install? From where? Did you do any wipes?

My best advice: rinse and repeat... ?

P.S.: please avoid double-posting -- delete the other thread.
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