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Mar 15, 2011
Lynn, Mass
ok guys.. i've been doin pretty good with the SenseLX rom.. still have much to learn. My next goal is to port a rom from scratch and start working on it as a project. my only question is how do i do that? lol i keep looking up link but there is no guide on porting a rom to the g1... which is suprising because this is like the oldest androis phone in the world... lol so my question is.. can i just adb pull on a newer phone and jus get a rom like that? obviously work on it to flash lol but is that an option? or do i need to find a source here on xda where i can find a list of stock roms to port over?
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Oct 10, 2010
To get a copy of a rom to port, either Google around for one or copy the system.img and boot.img from a nandroid backup from the device.
To begin porting I would suggest using the porting tools in the htc android kitchen
Also you probably need to port from a device with similar hardware (ARMv6, low ram, mdpi)
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