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[Q] Problem removing intrusive adware

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New member
May 15, 2015
HI, newbie here, having a problem trying to remove adware or whatever it is that's causing the problem. All our family have Samsung Galaxy S2's (all factory unlocked, running android 4.1.2) as I tend to standardise for all of use, but keep phones quite a long time (the last one we all had was a Treo 650!).

Anyway, my oldest son downloaded some "free music" app which appears to have been the source of the adware that has almost taken over the phone. I've done a couple of hard/factory resets, without the emovable SD card inserted, and the stuff just comes right back, see this screen shot where everything on there has installed itself

Sorry I can't put IMG or URL links in as a newbie, precede all the "links" below with http colon slash slash 1068 dot photobucket dot com slash albums slash u449 slash pbDaveG slash...


The Lucky Try and Lucky Draw draw "apps" don't appear in Application Manager/Downloads (maybe they are web links?) but other apps that keep reinstalling themselves when deleted are Super Flashlight and Memory Booster, and they do appear in the Application Manager downloaded list.

Here's a few more examples of the rubbish that comes along, either unwanted apps/shortcuts/folders

or popup adverts, some of which are movies that pop up in the middle of the night :mad:

I've tried Malwarebytes, Addons Detector, AirPush Detector all of which find nothing.

Since the stock ROM on the phone appears to be "infected" I've been trying to find a replacement stock GT-I9100 ROM (unbranded UK) but one file I found returns an "MD5 hash value is invalid" error in ODIN, and I haven;t found another link that points to a file that I can still download. I was hoping just to use ODIN and avoid having to root the phone if I don't need to. I also tried using Kies but it's just hopeless at connecting to the phone, it really does seem like awful software.

I wonder if I can somehow copy a ROM from another phone that is not affected, I have 3 others that are still OK, Or can someone point me to reliable stock ROM to use with ODIN.

Current ROM shows us as version 4.1.2, baseband version I9100XXMS2, kernel version 3.0.31-1211311 and build number J2054K.I9100XWLSW

PS: I don't know if I've got the image links in correctly