[Q] Question about tapatalk api (xda app): how can I parse the bbcode of the posts?


Senior Member
Oct 18, 2010
Hello, I'm developing an application that uses tapatalk xmlrpc api to get the content of some forums. I've just reached the point where the user gets to the posts and I stumbled with this particular problem.

I get the text of each post and put it on a textview. After that I put it in a textview on a list. The text contains the BBCode of the forum. By this I mean it contains text such as "[URL...", quotes, etc. I want to do as it is done on xda app; there if there is a link it is displayed as a link and it can be clicked, if there is a quote it is displayed as a quote.

I was hoping to get some guidelines on how to achieve this. I haven't worked with BBCode before. All I could think of is parsing the text with string attributes such as .contains, .split, etc. And even if I do that and separate everything then I have to join everything back again, put clicklisteners on different parts of the text, etc; and for now I'm clueless on how to achieve that. But I think there should be an easier way and, since that is solved on the xda app, I was hoping that someone here gets me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!