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[Q] Questions about temp-rooting my Evo 3D

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Cyber Akuma

Senior Member
May 28, 2008
I was reading up info on if its possible to backup your data before rooting, since I know rooting will erase it, and I ran into this:


I had no idea you could temp-root, and to be honest, at the moment, I just want to have root to perform a backup and remove some stock apps, not install a custom ROM or anything, but I have a few questions about this.

1. Whats with the section on clearing the temp root? Does it leave files on there even after the root is gone?

2. This temp root seems to be similar in theory to a theatered iphone jailbreak, but once I reboot my phone, does the root just go away and everything is back to normal, or do I have to use the SDK to boot my phone at all from then on? I am asking because of the clear temp root section.

3. Would a temp root cause any problems with future updates, or is there no way to know that?

4. Could I install an app that requires root access to work while temp rooted? I want to install Airblocker, but it needs root access. Do you only need root to install it, or would it stop working once I reboot and the root is gone?

5. The main reason I want to do this is to remove most of the stock apps Sprint installed that you cannot normally uninstall, will they just appear as uninstallable once rooted or do I have to use an app to remove them? And if so, what?

6. Do does this Titanium Backup basically create a copy of your entire current ROM so you can re-flash it and get your phone to exactly the state it was in when the backup was made, or does it only backup files and settings so you still need a working ROM and mostly the same apps installed in order to do a recovery? If one does flash a custom ROM, how can they recover their apps and all their settings (.... and videogame progress) to a different ROM?


Senior Member
Jul 6, 2008
That's cool, haven't seen that either. Looks nice!

1. All this does is return the original stock rom back to normal, just like it was freshly updated and turned on.

2. This being temp root, yes you will always have need of a computer after every reboot.

3. All rooting does is give access to folders previously locked. That being said, having access should not mess up an update, just do not CHANGE anything in those now accessible folders.

4. Most apps check for root access as soon as it runs, so yes, when rebooting you will have problems with root access.

5. You will have to use another app, titanium backup should do it, so should ROM toolbox.

6. Titanium takes the backup of the APK file and the data for that file. So, when reinstalling, it installs the apk first, then restores the data exactly as it was when it was backed up. It only backs ups apps, not the entire rom. You will need a recovery image to do this.

I recommend fully rooting your phone and switching to a re-analyzed stock rom, like mean rom or something, thats what I run. It has most of the stock apps removed and is fast as ****. When you make your backups before you root, just keep them there and restore them once you have a different rom.

Hope this helps a little.