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[Q] Recovering texts from an S4 with a broken screen?

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Senior Member
Jan 7, 2013
To preempt: I have already tried connecting it to a computer. I can't get to the com.providers.telephony (or whatever it's called) via windows explorer. It isn't present. I also have tried the adb stuff, but I didn't set the password or whatever that you need to do that.

The phone is rooted and it has TWRP on it. Relatively sure it had android 4.2.2 on it. I was able to pull the texts via Kies but it saves them in a weird format that I can't view in windows. My Galaxy Nexus isn't supported by Kies either.

The screen is black. It doesn't come on at all.

Any ideas? Could maybe editing the build.prop to make Kies think it's an S4 work to restore the texts that way?