[Q] Reinstall custom ROM after stock ROM install

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Nov 9, 2013
Hello there, and first of all excuse my english, I'll try to explain my question as best as I can

I have an htc Surround running a custom ROM (the phone was already running an old DFT ROM when I got my hands on it), after some research I am still doubting if flashing my phone with a stock ROM can lock something making it unable to reinstall the current Custom ROM on my phone.
It's just a simple question, but can't find any clear info about that, so I am asking as my last resource, I don't want to lock the bootloader or something like that.
My plan is to install a stock ROM, then upgrade it step-by-step to 7.8 using the Seven-Eighter tool, and if anything goes wrong or I don't like it, reinstall the custom ROM from always using the RUU I have on my hard disk

If need to post some info about my phone feel free to ask about it.

Regards and thanks for reading!