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[Q] Reputable seller for the LG GT540 in Pink?

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Senior Member
Nov 18, 2011
Hey guys, first of all, sorry if I'm not supposed to post questions in this thread (I saw other people posting questions and I thought this thread would be the most appropriate for my question). So feel free to move this post wherever you find appropriate, but please don't delete!

I've been searching for the LG GT540 (preferably in pink) for ages now. Some of the sites I went to that say it is available and in stock on their site seem to look very shady (so you don't know what you're getting or if they are going to send you anything at all), such as n1wireless.com and bestnydepot.com. I was wondering if anyone had experiences ordering from these sites? What are some reputable sites that sell this model in Pink?

Bestnydepot.com offers free shipping and possibly no tax (I haven't checked out yet so I'm not 100% sure about the no tax offer). If they aren't out to scam people (no used, defective merchandise), then they have extremely good deals!

Some people have suggested welectronics.com. Did anyone have a good experience with them? Any free shipping?

I don't want to get scammed in any way! Thanks for your help!

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