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[Q] Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 rooted can't show registered Wifi Passwords

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New member
Apr 13, 2015
I've been looking for a solution for this, but I haven't had success.
My GT-I9505 (Galaxy S4) is perfectly rooted.
I attached images so you guys can see Android version, and all that stuff.
Phone info:
View attachment 3260521

Phone Status:
View attachment 3260522

Rooted Apps that work perfectly (except 'Wifi Key Finder', obviously):
View attachment 3260524

wpa_supplicant.conf encrypted passwords:
View attachment 3260525

The problem is, no matter what app I use, no matter where I look for it, my Wifi passords seem to be encrypted.
All I want to do is retrieve the Wifi Passwords that I have already saved in my phone so I can share them with everybody.
I don't want to be saving the Wifi Passwords in notes in my cellphone.
There's this post in which they talk about the same problem, but it hasn't been solved yet.

Maybe, I can do something to uncrypt the passwords saved in /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
I don't know what to do.
Can anybody help me?
Thanx a lot.


New member
Apr 13, 2015
search in play store or google it. thre is many software like those

I'm not stupid.
All those apps you are talking about just do the same thing: they just give me the encrypted wifi passwords located in /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
I need my device to stop encrypting them when I register them, or something to decrypt them.
If this is the way you are going to try to help then you should just not post anything.

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