[Q] Sdk & Adb???

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Senior Member
Mar 15, 2011
Lynn, Mass
Ok guys heres a big one for ya lol...

I have a laptop i've been using for about 2 years now with ALL my android stuff on it.. I had adb set up correctly and sdk was running correctly everything was good i had no problems... ok so i still have all the files that I used to install everything and all my other files i have for my android device are saved on an external hard drive nice and safe lol.

So my issue is.. I recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate (64 bit)!! completely brand new fresh boot up with nothing on it... and im having trouble on how exactly to get adb working and im also having trouble trying to set up the sdk manager thing... so if anyone has the time i was hoping you could kinda help me install these things properly on my 64-bit system? I have a Gtalk account or you can just pm me or leave a comment here if you think you can help...

Thank You!!

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