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[Q]Seeing other peoples #'s when receiving a mass text?

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Feb 11, 2010
Howdy! Semi new Photon Q LTE user but not new to Android. Previous phone was a rooted Samsung Epic 4G.

When I get a mass text from someone in my contacts, if they send the same message to multiple people at once (i.e. a mass text) I will also see who else they sent the message to. If I reply to JUST the person in my contacts, the message gets sent to everyone else that was originally part of the mass text as well.

Figuring this was a problem with the integrated text app itself, I went and tried GoSMS, to no avail. GoSMS also has this same issue. I was wondering if this was limited to other smartphones or a carrier, but it appears to not be the case. A friend of mine has a basic dumbphone on T-Mobile, and another friend of mine is on Verizon with an older Droid phone, and yet another is on a newer Android phone (at least new to them) with US Cellular.

What is causing this and how do I fix it?


Senior Member
Oct 9, 2012
Yeah I don't think it's the messaging app or our phones. Out does the same to me and my wife has the iphone 4s and it still does it. From what she says anyone that replies to the mass txt out goes to everyone the message was sent to.

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