[Q] SGH T959V Modem Questions Please HELP!

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Senior Member
May 22, 2013

So i have a Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V and its on CM9. So my question is what is a modem cause i've heard flashing a modem......
Basically can you let me know what a modem will do and what the best modem is for my SGH-T959V on Cyanogenmod 9:) (PS: I live in a 4G area if that has anything to do with it)

Thank You!


Senior Member
Jan 19, 2012
A modem controls your phone's access to... everything outside the phone. What's the best modem? Depends on your specific phone. My SGS4G phone behaves different from my wife's SGS4G, even though we got them from the same store on the same day.
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