[Q] SMS-database: Where is it, how to read it?

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Nov 28, 2009
I have now had the whole summer my sms-database messed up. I can read my messages only in threaded view, but I can't i any way back them up with pim-backup or smsImport. PimBackup sees only 149 messages in the inbox, and 73 in the outbox. PimBackup complains that
the messages file in \Application Data\Volatie\msg_20100902.csm can't be added to the backup file, an internal error (2) occured.
SmsImport exports only messages after 23.6.2010. I have about 1000 sms-messages in my device, and i can read all of them from the phone, but i would like to get them backed up before doing a clean install of the x2 (it's getting slow as all windowses do!!)

Does anyone know how to access these files, and how i could be able to read them/Extract the messages from them..?


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Sep 26, 2009
SPB Backup has a tool for PC to open archives. You can extract needed items. Or if there are errors while backing up, then it seems your databases are corrupted. Try to use MyPhone service - it backups your PIM to online storage. So later after reset you may restore your SMS.
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