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[Q] Solid Red light when I connected to Charge

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Senior Member
Sep 26, 2013
im getting solid Red Light when i connected to power. no charging not even recondnice by the computer.. What can i do to power on the phone..

i did hard reset too nothing happend....

i read some article about red light and some says to return to sony store and some says to unplug the battery and reconnect ... i dnt have warrenty to send it to sony.....so " if i change the battery does it works" ?


Senior Member
Dec 4, 2009
Sometimes it works with replacing the battery. Sometimes you need a new mainboard ( about 100 $)
I don't know if these "test buttons" works. Then your phone will be recognzied as S1Device and you could use trying S1tool (but i think it does not support Z2 :( )


Apr 9, 2013
Same problem

I've got the same problem. No response at all with any button combination or the red reset button.
If I connect the usb cable to charger or PC red LED turns on but nothing else. The PC doesn't recognize it, not even if I connect it with volume down pressed. I opened it and disconnected the battery. With the battery disconnected it has the same behaviour, only red light if connected.

Any ideas of what I could try?
I wouldn't expect a dead battery causing this. I mean, if the phone can get the power from the charger then it should turn on even with the battery disconnected right?
I was thinking to charge it for two days and see if anything happens, just in case. Otherwise I will need to think on how to discharge the battery manually and see what happens.
I don't to buy a new battery unless I am sure that will help...


Mar 16, 2016
No... Nothing at all happens :(

Is it the original loader (Sony, 1500mah) + sony charging Cable?

I have chargers laying around everywhere, and I noticed that sometimes the phone did nothing while using samsung chargers 750mah).

When I put my phone in the charger the light turns red. Nothing on the screen.
When I take out the charger the light stays red for a long time.
But when it is off, and I take the battery out and then put it on the charger (without the battery), then the display shows a battery logo.