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[Q] Solution to Error 8018001E? Carrier: OPN

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Jan 6, 2008
Einbahnstrasse, Switzerland
Till now, there is no easy solution.
Many of Optimus 7 phones have an old Bootloader and LG has released, seems to me, only for branded phones a newer version.
And with this new version of Bootloader you can update to Mango.
There at Microsoft is a large thread for that:

Have a look there but its not MS fault, its LG.

For the moment, you can flash a ROM of your choice from there and after flashing you got a compatible Bootloader and the update process went smoth and without problems.

Thats my way, my Optimus had the old Bootloader but after flashing the Europe Open ROM, the update to Mango is finished without the above error.

Good luck!
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