[Q] Speed = Reboot/Freeze?!

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Jul 26, 2011
Rancho Cucamonga
I hate to make another topic a out this..

My first incident was with the bit torrent app, it rebooted my phone. A few other times downloading ROMs or Gapps.
My recent incident was moments ago, I was downloading a ROM and it tossed my phone in a reboot which got me stuck in the splash screen (Google and Lock). So I pulled the battery and rebooted hoping it was a fluke..

Again it got stuck there, so I got into CWMr wiped etc. Installed a new ROM and booted.

Now this is random it doesn't happen in some order or anything. The reason I say and ask about speed is I get ungodly speed on my WiFi and 4g.. and I'm linking these two together because when I get the high rise in speeds it tends to reboot. Has anyone encountered this or something similar?

My Incredible downloaded a 100mb file in 2-3 minutes, where my Nexus can download a 100mb file in 30 seconds to a minute. Now I realize with upgraded hardware I can expect some sort of improvement but I've never got a reboot or freeze on my incredible due to speeds or whatever the issue may be.

Am I the only one?

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