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[Q] Techspec of Adreno GPU 506 - or All of Adreno GPU

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New member
Nov 1, 2017
Ho Chi Minh City
Hello guys,

I work on Mobile Game part, and I have a trouble with some of Adreno 506 on 32bit OS.
On Motorola Z Play, it is usually crash after some of log out of memory appear.

09-27 11:10:36.824 7782 8021 W Adreno-GSL: <sharedmem_gpuobj_alloc:2021>: sharedmem_gpumem_alloc: mmap failed errno 12 Out of memory

I have check the memory use of the game, it doesn't consume too much. So I guess this happen because some of GPU resource as VAO, VBO over limit of this GPU.
So I would like to ask you guys if you have the GPU data sheet of Adreno 506 or all of Adreno spec.
I mean the GPU tech specs are Pixel clock, Fragment clock, ...

Any advice or suggestion are appropriated.

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