[Q] Unlocked S-ON Hboot1.58 Philz Touch Recovery

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Dec 27, 2010
After further testing, there are times that the phone thinks its charging and once during this time it went through a rapid discharge. This phone only has the apps that can be installed initially and through aroma. I have only signed into my google account and used on wifi. No phone service and no other apps from market or otherwise. Any new testing roms available and do you know of an apps2sd script that works great with this phone?

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    Some more info please, hboot version? Which recovery. s-on makes things harder.

    To flash stock need to be relocked, stock will not flash from recovery.
    If you put rom.zip, stock zip, in root of sdcard and rename to PG86IMG.zip. hboot will flash automaticly.

    Or if you have a copy of the custom recovery img file on your computer, you can do a fastboot command that will let you boot from it and give it full write access.
    fastboot boot recovery.img, then you can retry to flash negalite
    img must be in directory you use fastboot in.
    Philz recovery not working well for 3d, I use 4ext or my unofficial twrp.
    Before I proceed in explaining anything, please let me Thank You JCFunk for lending me a hand in my endeavors. This is my first crack at a HTC device. So I'm a newb at locks, hboots, and HTC specifics. So, Thank You!

    I scanned through a lot of information and I moved to quickly, thinking I would ace this project and not particularly following a guide step by step. I know I should just wire trick this phone. I am wanting to get to hboot 1.40 and use Revolutionary to S-OFF. Once that is achieved load a kitkat rom. This is just a project, not used for daily phone use - no service.

    I tried this step first and it returned:

    Main Version is older.
    Update Fail!
    Press <POWER> to reboot.

    Would I be correct to say if I flashed the SetMainVersionLOW.zip that this method would likely work?
    Also, if I am overcomplicating this(other than wire-trick) and there is an easier method, please advise.

    How good are you with linux, or do just use windows? Never did wire trick myself, I've always done Unknownforce hboot downgrade. Which I can now do in about 15 min.

    s-off not required, there's many way to bypass unlocked limitations.

    Your main var is to high because htc never released a current ruu, so the ota pushed version higher but no ruu to match.

    what can I help you do?

    Sent from my DOWNGRADED EVO 3D, remember all development is done on my phone, not a computer
    Does your unofficial twrp support SELinux? I am assuming it does but just checking. Is it available for download and if so where?
    here's the thread

    Sent from my DOWNGRADED EVO 3D, remember all development is done on my phone, not a computer
    Unlocked for custom, locked for stock.

    Here is unknownforce ultimate tool,
    there was a live cd version made for windows users scared of linux.
    I use tiny core linux for this, Ubuntu tries to mount all the partitions and you only have a 5 second window when they are writeable. I have used Ubuntu, at first, but preferred tinycore.
    But first you are going to need to get stock.zip to install.

    I would do fastboot boot recovery.img

    Then install negalite, so atless you can boot the phone

    Sent from my DOWNGRADED EVO 3D, remember all development is done on my phone, not a computer

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    here is 4ext recovery I would use this one first until you get used to things, best recovery for 3d.

    Sent from my DOWNGRADED EVO 3D, remember all development is done on my phone, not a computer
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