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[Q] Weird Problem after TWRP recovery - PC sees directories that dont exist ?

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Aug 5, 2013
So I decided to take a look at lollipop 5.1 & I took a nandroid backup [copied my data] and flashed the mako factory image - Had a look then wanted to go back.- so flashed kitkat 4.4 back &
copied the nandroid backup over to the phone - flashed TWRP back - wiped all partitions but user data - restored the nandroid - wiped the user data partition. Everything boots up ok.

However - when I connect my PC via MTP to look at the folders all my old folders are there on the PC but empy - BUT they are NOT on the phone.
How is my PC finding folders that do not exist anymore and how can I make the PC show what is actually on the phone ?

edit - Also on the phone in ES explorer there are hundreds of old files that dont exist anymore that are zero bytes big !!!!

Tried fixing permissions - it's just got me baffled !?

Anyone have some wisdom to share about a solution to these ghost folders ?
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