[Q] Why Galaxy SIII ?

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Apr 2, 2012
Hi everyone ,

I want to buy a new phone in a few days,and I choose between One x and S3,I know thath there is a lot of topic like this but I searched and rly cant find anything thath will convince me to buy one x or s3,just to much similarities.

So ,How I see S3 is smoother and has better batery life ,I dont care for camera and microsd slot ****s,32 or 16gb enough for me.

I will root and install custom rom when I buy one of these,so I wanna know with custom rom on galaxy S3 and custom rom on ONE X what are difference then,cus I know thath on custom rom will be a lot of improvements on both phones.

One thing I prefer on one X is design.

Pls give me some benchmarks and good advices

Tnx in advance and sorry for my english


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Oct 22, 2011
There's little point asking about this. The specs you'll be able to find online, as for custom roms, there's so many no one's gonna bother explaining everything.

HTC will have sense based roms, whereas Samsung will have touchwiz based roms. Both will have cm.

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