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[Q] Why No Storage Card

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Oct 29, 2010
Did you damage the lower back cover when getting it off? someone else reported that when taking it off it damages the back cover a little to remove it.
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Mar 1, 2009
People should note the new information here:


It confirms the upgrade procedure is supported but only by the vendor/manufacturer. Not that I'd expect much support after taking my phone apart!

I'm not sure how much I buy the reliability issue they cite. Obviously they have tried to make the new system as easy to use and reliable as possible - "always delightful".

I'd guess the chances of a card not being up to it are less than they imply but, as it's possible to mess a phone up with a dodgy card, they wanted to take that possibility out of the equation.


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Oct 29, 2010

Job very well done mate! Thx for your contributions and pls keep us posted.

News so far so good and its highly promising. Important thing is, how the personalization process will grow up and will we benefit from it? Anyways, im am soo buying this machine...


Oct 30, 2010
dumb question

How do I do the "hard reset?" i know how to do it by going through the settings menu but I assume I can't do that when I put a new mirco sd card in. Thanks..


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Jun 15, 2006
Austin, TX
So, how much memory is actually on the HD7? The tmobile website advertises as 16 gb built in. Is that a 16 gb card that they are referring to? Or is it 16 built in and then a 16 gb storage card?


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Sep 30, 2010
Amusingly O2 UK's online shop lists a 2GB + 8GB Toshiba SD Card package under HD7 accessories.

You can even check the compatibility with your handset on the product info page and the HD7 is listed :p

The Phone's OS is stored on the built in 512MB Chip, and the model contains a 16GB Memory Card, if you would like to check yours power off the device, power back on while holding Volume Down, this will load the bootloader typical of a HTC Device, wait a sec and you will see the Memory Card Information load a little farther down the screen, mine for example shows a 16GB Class 2 Memory Card.



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Jun 26, 2007
It sure would be interesting to find out (from anyone who has a WP7 phone which most of us in the US can't yet) whether there is an improvement in performance going from a class 0 or 2 card to a class 6.

What would be the easiest/best way to test that?


Aug 18, 2008
maybe by testing with startup times of intense games.

Mine is on its way from o2 germany, but i will stick with the 16GB which is enough for now...


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Jan 18, 2006
Frankfurt, Germany
To replace the battery half of the back of the case comes off.

Very gently the other half of the back of the case will come off the same way. Next to the sim card slot there is a micro sd card slot, with the card in it. However to remove the card it looks like all the screws will have to come out and then the plastic cover removed as the slot is set in it. See picture.

could you maybe provide some additional pictures of the bottom cover so I can check where the clips are to not break them off? any suggestions on how to get this off the easiest?
My class 4 32GB card should be here tomorrow, not sure yet whats inside currently but will test some load times today and again once I have upgraded it.
Will use about 5 different apps/games to test with to get some proper results.

the harvest - 15 secs
- loading my current level - 52 secs
- load new game 15 secs
bye bye brain - 15 secs
star wars - 11 secs
twitter - 5 secs

be aware i only had a normal clock beside me so these times might not be the "exact" times
will update once i have upgraded my card.
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Apr 7, 2005
What class 4 card did you order?

Iv been looking the only one I can find is the Kingston one?

Is that any good?


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Jan 18, 2006
Frankfurt, Germany
ok .. so I actually managed to NOT have to remove the void sticker. its slightly more fiddling work but it works.
You simply need to remove the bottom part and then just slightly bend up the bottom part of the plastic once the bottom screws are out.
The tricky part is holding down the sticky part once sliding in the new card .. took me a few minutes.

currently starting up the phone with the 32gb cl4 Kingston card but it seems the o2 version of the phone has a 16gb class 4 card inside already! will report back later once the phone is done setting up, synching etc.