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Apr 2, 2012
Hi everyone ,

I want to buy a new phone in a few days,and I choose between One x and S3,I know thath there is a lot of topic like this but I searched and rly cant find anything thath will convince me to buy one x or s3,just to much similarities.

So ,How I see S3 is smoother and has better batery life ,I dont care for camera and microsd slot ****s,32 or 16gb enough for me.

I will root and install custom rom when I buy on of these,so I wanna know with custom rom on ONE X how much is battery life improved and multitasking in compare with s3.

One thing I prefer on one X is design.

Pls give me some benchmarks and good advices :D

Tnx in advance and sorry for my english :D


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May 22, 2010
yes the galaxy s3 has better screen on time but on , idle one x is unbeatable, benchmark score? i get over 6900 points with ordroid, another reason is SENSE!:laugh::laugh::cool::cool::cool::cool:


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Dec 13, 2010
I would definitely have to recommend the GS3 and that's wbat I've done when friends have asked me. The only thing better about the X is it looks WAY better and the camera software is a bit faster. The GS3 beats it easily in every other department.

I still find it amazing how you can have lag with a quad core 1.5GHz phone...


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Aug 2, 2012
Might seem redundant, but it seems that the hox is indeed the best device of the year, despite all the bad press, locked bootloader and haters. I know its been said before, but with no fan boy intenteded, it has the best build quality screen and sense. On top of that the best community 

After the hype died down most competitors were exposed as no match or faulty in Severe ways, the hox was like one of those movies when the hero goes from heaven to hell and then triumphes in the end.

Guess now im a proud user. Well done htc, well done

End of pretty random post lol

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Oct 23, 2012
it's kinda hard decision but I would recommend hox and here's why:
1st hardware is better then on s3
2nd design is also better along with build quality
3. hox has better display then any other phone due time , it's even better then DAN's display , brighter and colors seams to be better. only thing that's better on DNA is ppi and full hd obvioisly.

now why I recommend you hox is cuz I have one running ics ( still no update for me lol ) and I'm not experiencing any lag at all + I'm using underclocked kernel ( ncx ) 1.2 ghz as well my Rom is cleaned by Rom cleaner so it's super light and my battery life is great my top is 6hrs 1 min auto brightness black pearl Rom , now on the other hand my cousin has hox with jb on it and his hox is way faster then mine in every way possible and lastly brother of my causin has s3 also on jb anyway it's fast but I kinda feel hox jb is faster then s3 jb btw my cousin also reaches around 5-30 , 6 hrs screan time. As far as you trust in benchmarks hox rapes s3 even mine owned it with renovate Rom + faux kernel , my top was 6650 quadrant ics ! while my cousin pushes around 7k 7.1k on jb as for s3 top that we saw was 5.5k 5.7k jb ( btw even gsm arena did comparison btw s3 jb and hox jb which proven that hox is much faster ) if you want games a lot s3 is kinda better since hox uses 24 bit and 32bit while s3 uses only 16 which is main issue for hox users , literally none games are optimised for 24-32 bit which bugs it and sometimes could lag in those heavy 3d games , I guess we need some hax for t3 as how Sammy did with Mali 400 , same chip new software better performance , anyway tegra games work perfect for us ( at least for me ) I hope this answers to all of your questions , if you have any other feel free to ask.


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Dec 2, 2011
Jah's making me crazy
@op sorry to be a kill joy but we have seen enough of these on here and this will probably be closed now, if you want help deciding, google "Htc one x vs SGS3" review for a completely unbiased opinion. Anyone on here including myself will tell you the HOX is better but thats what you will always get on the HOX forum!!!! I'm afraid most of us on here are biased ;)

Also get the HOX!!!!! :good:
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