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[Q] Wifi when sleeping issues

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Senior Member
Jan 5, 2014
Hi looking for abit of help and a fix for what is quite an annoying problem.

Push notifications and wifi is causing me many issues on my nexus 5 when the screen is off for over 8 mins my push notifications for all apps just seem to stop. This is an issue with wifi only as 3g is totally fine.

The keep wifi on when screen off setting is set to always already and power saver is disabled.

Booted into safe mode and it seems that the problem doesn't actually exist when am in safe mode from my testing so far. Iv sent a message on whatsapp told a contact to reply in exactly 11 minutes which they did and i received it with no issue.

App list:
Whatsapp Messenger
My Vodafone
Met office app
Franco Kernel updater

Which app could be causing a conflict here?
What is the best way to find out in none safe mode?

edit: corrected some info
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