[Q] wlan_wake caused by mdns queries for chromecast?

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Jul 27, 2013
I've been trying to tease out high battery usage of Android OS lately on my nexus 5 (stock, non-rooted - 4.4.3 and previously 4.4.2). Using adb to dump wakelock information I see the top 3 as:

- wlan_rx_wake - 85345
- wlan_wake - 12206
- ipc_rtr_q6_ipcrtr - 157608

(Android OS was top at 32%, keep awake 1h 27m to the tune of about 15% of the battery since full charge)

In ascending order.

I'm assuming that the last wakelock (ipc_rtr_q6_ipctr - which has very little information on the web) is something lower level, probably related to wlan_wake.

Trying to tease out what this might be I've been sniffing traffic from my phone to the WLAN here at home and notice that the device is regularly (many times a minute) sending out MDNS standard query packets for _googlecast._tcp.local which I presume is for discovering chromecast devices.

I haven't really been able to find much more about this doing various searches, but maybe my google-fu is weak. Anyone seen this or have any suggestions on where to go next? (I have 2 chromecasts in the house, I'll try powering them off next but I doubt that will stop the phone from looking for them).