[Q] Z3c won't charge on DK48 dock

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New member
Oct 4, 2014
So, I have the official Sony DK48 dock for my Z3 Compact (no case). The phone will recognize that it is connected to the dock by giving the notification sound, but the battery will not charge while on it. I've tried wiggling it all sorts of different ways, and tried at least 3 different USB cables, but still no dice.

Is anyone else having this issue?


Feb 2, 2008
Have you used original cable? I had this problem with some poor quality cables, they were too thin inside for the designed current


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2014
The DK48 will only charge the phone when power comes from the mains. It does not charge the phone when connected to a USB port of a PC or laptop.
Use the original charger and the original cable that came with your phone and the Z3/Z3C should charge just fine in the DK48; that's at least what my does.


Senior Member
Mar 24, 2009
I guess then it seems like its a faulty DK48...

It should work with the original cable, adapter and electric outlet (not a PC).


Senior Member
Jan 23, 2019
Why wouldn't the DK48 charge through PC? How does it know? Amperes?
I am a bit late in this thread, but I will post it anyway in case somebody has the same problem. Dk48 won't charge phone while connected to PC, because it checks if data lanes in Micro USB port are used. If they are, charging is stopped. If someone wants to charge phone using dock connected to PC (I for example connect it to my active USB hub, which is connected to my PC) it is necessary to use Micro USB cable, which doesn't use data lanes, just charging ones.
I hope it will help somebody.
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