QFIL EDL Mode Error

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Dec 4, 2022

I'm trying to un-brick my rog phone 2 with QFIL however everytime I'm trying to restore the firmware I got an error that the QFIL can't read the UFS (I've switched the QFIL to UFS in seetings for sure) also the miflash showing the same error

So I thought that I may have a damaged UFS however I can flash a raw file without a problem and I also unlocked the bootloader via EDL which could read the UFS without any problem and I unlocked the bootloader from EDL mode as I can't access the software yet!

So what's the problem in QFIL and Miflash and why they can't read the UFS but I managed to unlock the bootloader from EDL and the UFS is accessable with this tool but not accessable in miflash or QFIL

Also I did a raw flash but it's also reboot to EDL everytime I try to boot it.