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[Qin F21 Pro] k61v1injector v1.1 - Arbitrary application installer for Qin F21 Pro

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Arbitrary application installer for Qin F21 Pro

Exploit the vulnerability to install arbitrary applications in k61v1 without ROOT.

Feel free pull request if you want :)


The project proudly uses the php-adb library.

How to use​

  1. Download and install PHP 8 for your system from the official website.
  2. Enable GD extension in php.ini.
  3. Place adb.php in php-adb to the directory.
  4. Download platform-tools and place them in libraries. Note: Mac OS needs to rename adb to adb-darwin.
  5. Open the terminal and use PHP interpreter to execute the script with the usage.
  6. Wait for the script to run.
  • p.s. Releases has packaged the required files, so you only need to configure the PHP environment.


  • Nothing to do.


  • v1.1:
    • Fix wrong judgment
  • v1.0:
    • First ver


No license, you are only allowed to use this project. All rights are reserved by MeowCat Studio, Meow Mobile and MlgmXyysd.


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Dec 4, 2020
Can anyone give a brief explanation about the form of work with this script?
What I tried is dragging the app on the script with debugging Run command prompted but no app installed
Thank you