Quad Core AllWinner T3 P3 - ROM 16GB - DDR3 2GB - 1024x600

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May 4, 2015

I hope someone can help me.

I'm from Portugal, i have two head units Quad Core AllWinner T3 P3 - ROM 16GB - DDR3 2GB - 1024x600 with DVD for Audi A4

one is mine and the other one is my uncle. Last year my head unit crashed and Android always worked but MCU file didn't, this way and didn't had sound, radio, music player, etc.

I contacted the ebay dealer and he was helpfull and sent me the mcu and android files for update, I managed to update successfully and my unit is working fine till now.

Now my problem is with my uncles headunit that crashed like mine, this is unit is equal to mine (system, board, design, firmware and mcu were the same.

Like mine i immediately prepared the sdcard to upgrade with mcu-201901100001KC1-0908.img but when I insert the sdcard in the unit it recognize the sdcard but doesn't enter the upgrade menu... I also tried usb method but it's the same, i tried to change to *.bin, *.udp, *.upd but unsuccessful..

I tried dealer again but I'm in Portugal and they just answer between 2.am and 5.am from Portugal and this is Urgent... :(

Anyone can help me please??