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Quest for restoring lost IMEI on V600 EA TW

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Senior Member
Jul 6, 2012
I managed to erase IMEI and backup as well. Evrything got complicated after flashing AT&T firmware with Medusa. That is first time SIM lock showed and stayed on ever since.

I can get V60 to work with 600N firmware but it does not work propperly as reciveng sms takes for ever.

Now there are many threads on restoring lost IMEI by editing qcn backup from other working phone and replacing IMEI with your own.

I did that and got confi3from original owner of proper qcn file that I have indeed replaces his IMEI with mine. Flashing edited qcn file with QFIL was repported as successful but IMEI is still 0.

There are som suggestion on rewriting FSG, Modemst1 and 2 with zeroes but dd command used for that purpose report that there is not enough space.

Any idea? All suggestions are welcome and wil be tested ny me.

Thank you.