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Question about microSDXC.

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Senior Member
Nov 6, 2007
If you did get one, test it with H2Test.
Make sure you test at least 16gb, I go to 32 but honestly most fake cards are 8gb tops.
If you get corruption and missing data after 8gb's then it is a fake card.
If you are lazy and can't be bothered to download the test app (on your PC), put 32gb of information on it, make sure you have it in an sdxc capable reader and plugged into usb 3.
If it takes a long time to transfer then and the speed tops out at 4 - 8mb's\sec then it's fake. Also as a further test, once the files are transfered over (I use movie files as these are easy to check and can be a few gig's too) remove from the PC, plug back in and play each file. If it screws up after a few, generally around the 8gb mark, it's fake...

But seeing as how all the big brands have only just released 256Gb cards my money is on it being fake...