Question Question about redmi note 10 5g upgrade to android 12

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Sep 13, 2013
Hellow, I try update my phone Redmi note 10 5g to android 12 version of miui 13 verssion. But my phone shows that there is no available updates for this phone. And I try download zip file from here and intall with phone updater, but get error that saying try update using usb. I ask this because I saw o this page that android 12 is already released on this phone, however I can't get update, maybe this update will be later for this phone ?
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Jul 15, 2018
i have the same problem... my device is on miui global stable (rkseuxm). no new updates but everywere i go it says miui 13 is released for my device. Does somebody know whats going on? my device is redmi note 10 5G

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