Question about Xiaomi 6A 64bit

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Jan 21, 2022
Hey guys,
to start I'd like to say I'm an absolute noob when it comes to custom roms and android flashing in general, so excuse me if I'm asking a stupid question.
I have a Xiaomi 6A that's in 32bit mode which doesn't allow 64bit apps, now I've checked the specs of it's CPU and 64bit is supported, my question is it possible to turn it into 64bit, if so is it something you would recommend me doing as an android noob, a tutorial that would cover my situation would be helpful, my device's specs are below, thanks for your time.

MIUI Version: MIUI GLOBAL 11.0.8/Stable
Android Version: 9 PPR1
RAM: 2.00GB
CPU: Quad-Core Max 2.00Ghz
Storage: 16GB total

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