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Question about Xprivacy LUA / PRO

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Aug 22, 2016
Im installed LSPosed on my Redmi Note 8 PRO with A 9 mainly to hide my game information because there is couple game when u get banned or want to start fresh save even u uninstall and install again the game all game save are there even im not link the game....so to start fresh game save the only thing i need to do is to format my phone....Then im installed Xprivacy LUA but seems like its not working????
how about Xprivacy LUA PRO instead? if i buy PRO feature i can change everytime i want my phone information? and its work on my game save? also if im format my phone how to gain back PRO feature without pay again????

Oswald Boelcke

Senior Moderator / Moderator Committee
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@roberto_1986 Are you aware that XPL has its own thread?
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