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Jun 30, 2022
Hi !
I bought the pixel 5 for 10 months now. I love it but I wanted to know if other owners of this pixel 5 had the same concerns.
Whatever I do, basic uses like Twitter, Gmail, chrome... Behind at the top next to the photo module, The phone is always hot. I wonder if this is normal, and if you also have your pixel 5 heating up there.
Also I don't know if it's due to the fact that it often heats up, but I've always heard wonders about the battery of the pixel 5, But I must say that this is not my case, I had changed from my pixel 4 which I loved because the battery was really bad, but there on this pixel 5 the battery is better but not by much. I can only get 3-5 hours of screen time on a 100% charge. While I had seen a lot of 6-7 hours. So how much screen time can you do with your Pixel 5 on a 100% charge?
Thank you.
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May 30, 2022
Moto Edge 30 Pro
While I don’t own the phone i must say that newer phones heat up quicker in general. Most YouTube reviewers are just bias or dishonest, it’s all about your own experience with the phone. If your phone heats up it could probably be because your tackling the processor to much or overloading the available little ram the phone has, which causes the phone to heat up, because the phone is trying to keep up with your tasks. Try limiting processes, often restart the phone, and keep it in a cool environment (which is a difficult thing to do specifically with the hot weather these days), yeah that. I don’t know about the screen on time, but you shouldn’t believe reviewers to much.

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    I can easily go all day on a full charge with some pretty moderate use, including constant music streaming. I don't have any heat issues.

    8GB RAM is not "little"; if you're running out of memory on a Pixel 5, you probably need to reevaluate your application load. The only app I have constantly running is NordVPN.
    Your right, I thought that the Pixel 5 had 4GB Ram, because I forgot that it had 8GB 😅
    To further improve battery, you can restrict apps so they don't drain battery while the screen is off. Settings > Battery > Battery usage, select the apps you want to restrict while in the background, then select Restricted.

    my comment is deleted because I was just parroting the comment above. The post above is the proper way