Question Question: Ghost touch problem at Mi 11 ultra. Ayone have same problem?

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Jun 25, 2015
Hello community.
First, I apologize there may be some difficult to know what I want to say because of my poor english skills.

I bought CN version Mi 11 ultra last week. I have been using it but sometime I feel something wrong about touch input while gaming.
So I recorded video while playing game with touch position indication.

Here is the video.

It looks like happened when two finger input.
When problem happened, it seems like switching 2 touching position very very fast between currently touching.
It looks like only single touch is recognized in phone system...may be...

Anyone have same problem? And I expect someone have solution.


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Aug 24, 2013
Yes, I've had it when typing on gboard and then I changed to SwiftKey and same issue

Sometimes a ghost touch makes the keyboard disappear

It happens less now I'm on 12.5.4 but sometimes still, there's an issue

Maybe related to notifications arriving at the top

I haven't figured it out yet or had much time to work on it