( Question )( URGENT ) Flashing back to official rom

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Jan 29, 2007
Hello to everyone ,I need a little help about flashing my mozart back to official rom.Deepshining v3 was flashed before I get my mozart and yesterday I have flashed an other custom rom ( DFT v8 ) and runned it for 2 hours.As actually I love stock roms because of stability so decided to flash a stock one I downloaded the 5.13 WWE rom but while flashing , at the stage of %6 it gave me a " invalid vendor ID " error and phone restarted itself.Now I have a custom rom (Still DFT 8) installed and SPL 5.13 device.All I want to do is flash my phone with WWE latest rom , so what should I do for it and I don't know if the phone was branded or debranded before I have bought it all I know is it is a 16 GB Mozart and there is no brand on it ( like T-Mob or Orange )

Please help me to have a orjınal device


Jan 20, 2012
you should try to down your spl version to 1.xx and then you can use xspl(DFT) tool to refresh your os