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Apr 25, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 6
I'm still unable to dl that pack. Someone mentioned earlier being on the phone app beta. I've realised that I am too. Would those who are having trouble please confirm if they too are on the beta or standard app? With thanks in advance


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Apr 25, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 6
As if by magic, the call screener appeared (ee UK) at some point today (phone beta app)


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Nov 17, 2017

I read that Screen Call will be activate (or has been activated) in Europe, and it's great, but it seems the feature appear to some people only. Do you know if it's a rolling release and we just need to wait, or if there is maybe some conditions on it? (for example, I'm in France, and on the operator Free Mobile, who doesn't support currently VoLTE for the Google Pixels (they announce the support for December).

And is the feature notified when available, or should I check regularly in the Phone app settings?

Also, for people who already tried it in France or Germany, or any non-english country, do you know if it works only with the local language, or if it can adapt automatically to the country that is calling me? (sometimes I receive call from UK, I think there could be a better understanding if my phone respond in english instead of french).
I'm also in France at Free Mobile. I have the option "filtrege d'appel" / "call screen" but i have an error message telling me to download a language update but it's impossible. So it doesn't work. It's strange because i Know some French friends who are at Orange or SFR and call screen work very well....


Feb 11, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
On Vodafone with phone app (beta),
it is working.

Have several issue with receiving call went into missed calls on 4G and 5G, it is sorted after switch on WiFi calling. Not an issue due to call screen.


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May 8, 2009
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Update: I was still seeing the error in the dialer options for call screen, though received a call and I just let it ring, then the call screen option showed on the answer/decline screen! Now the red error has gone in the settings and I can choose between the voice options.

So either the received call has helped trigger it or just time, either way, I now have working call screen!


Mar 30, 2017
Pixel 6 Pro, EE, UK.

As of like Wednesday last week I have a "Voice" option, but still, when I try to download the language pack it says it's not ready and asks to try again.

When someone calls me I see the call screening option, however, when clicking it nothing happens, nor does the hang-up/answer buttons work.

Does anyone have an idea how to finish the setup?

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    I'm in the UK. Yes, my set language is English and not French or German, but I have this kind of error at present. I'm hoping that it clears up as I tried this at the very beginning so on T
    uesday afternoon
    Working here in the UK. Downloaded the language file, and worked straight away.

    Have really wound my son up when he called me just, by experimenting with it.
    He got so annoyed he put the phone down on me 😂😂
    Where in settings do you find this please
    In the phone app setting, should be under the Assistive heading if you have it, just above Caller ID and spam (I'm on the beta for the phone app).
    Thanks for the answers, I double-check I had only one language on the phone. So I guess I only need to wait some times for the Call Screen activation... Would be nice to have a small hack to enable it, but I can wait. I guess it's maybe a random rollup, I don't think it's regional as all french smartphone was packaged to add the USB-C earbuds (french law make mandatory to sell these with a phone as a "hands-free kit" for drivers), but all french doesn't have the feature available at this time.

    I also tried to see if it appear after using a VPN (with UK, Germany and US location) and clear cache/force shutdown for the phone app, and still nothing. (I know this was working often with firmware update on my previous OnePlus phone)
    VPN is not enough to fool Screen Call. You need to spoof your location, language, use an unlocked App version via sideload and even then chances are slim that it's going to work. Back in the days it was possible to sideload some stuff and activate a couple lines code, but then about a year or so Google changed most of the Call Screen stuff server-side, so you as an enduser can't to ****. They either unlock it for you - or you're out of luck.
    did you manage to download the language update?
    Seemed to download and install from the notification panel but still says it needs to download on the app.