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Quick guide I knocked up for Mango update - Updated with Sideload unlock

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    If you fancy giving it a try, I've knocked a guide up as I did mine.

    http://www.nakedcleaner.com/2011/06/omnia-7-mango-update/ for those that want to.

    I've updated it to include the sideload unlock, there is another method using the Samsung Diagnostic tools, but that's more complex. However if anyone want's to know that method then shout and I'll write it up here.
    It's a London/South East'ism too ;)

    Nice guide,
    I was just trying to grab the files to try this out tomorrow, but the "Mango stuff" link has a temp block from Dropbox. :(

    Anyone else got it stashed somewhere ?

    Sorry about the dropbox link being turned off. I'm uploading them to my Host at the moment so those that need them grab them there.