Quicker charging with asus ai charger?


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this is the test i did and the results

So asus has this little utility that changes the usb settings and sends upto 1.2A to your iphone/ipad though a regular usb slot(works on non-asus mobo's too), problem is it doesn't work on any other device except apples.
Does anyone have an idea what exactly this utility changes in the usb settings?

so i use the Asus Ai charger feature and a qualcomm quick wall charger 2.0, useing AccuBattery to monitor the charge results

each test was done as follows. plug it in wait a few minute for it to average out then record the info also i use the asus AI charger off and on to see if there is any difference
"Wall charger" ibb . co / hxsTEv "Asus AI Charger OFF" ibb . co / dYP8Ev "Asus AI Chaerger ON" ibb .co / msqgZv (sorry for the links i cant get into my old account and i cant post links yet on this new one so take the spaces out and use the links to see pics)

so the test obviously shows that the AI charger is working faster then the wall charger with it on and "Pic of wall charger incase your interested" ( ibb . co / n798Ev) the wall charger would range from 700 mA to 900 mA, were the asus charge OFF would range from 150 to 400mA and with it ON it would range from 900 to 1400mA. and i guess i should point out this is being done using a LG G5 with a Type C charge cable.