QuickPic - default picture viewer, troubleshooting, stock android 4.1.2

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Old Jimbo

Senior Member
Feb 19, 2015
On my S3 mini with stock 4.1.2, I've uninstalled the stock gallery application (SecGallery2.apk) and replaced it with QuickPic. Everything is working great except two things:
  1. when I'm tryin' to set a picture as a contact photo (Phone->Contact->Contact Photo -> Image), I get a toast which says "No pictures are available on the phone";
  2. when I'm using stock camera application, when I want to browse the pictures on my phone using the button link, the camera application cease to function and I get an error message "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped".

It seems that "contacts" and "camera" applications are not aware of QuickPic presence or there isn't a bound between those three apps. I want to use QuickPic to set a custom contact photo or browse my pictures, directly from "contacts" and "camera" applications. What should I do?