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Apr 6, 2007
Welcome to the "EnergyROM" thread !

This development thread is for my "Energy" custom firmware series for the HTC Touch Pro2 (Rhodium) device.

This is the old thread for the Sense 2.1 / Titanium builds of my ROM line. From now on, new builds will be posted in [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=562773"]THIS THREAD.
Please go there to download and discuss new builds. Thank you.
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Apr 6, 2007
Pictures of the ROM




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Apr 5, 2009
FAQ (Wingster (Ace) maintained)

Flashing Guides: A Pictorial Tutorial l Another Tutorial

More Info on the ROM's and the Versions: http://thewingster.com/NRGZ28.aspx

Keyboard Symbols Don't Work / Home Key opens Start Menu!! / Button Mappings!
  • T-Mobile - Install THIS CAB and Restart your phone (Fixes the ALT key and the Home key). (If you only want the keyboard symbols fixed, install THIS CAB).
  • AT&T - Download and install THIS CAB. (You might need to map other buttons, with THIS)
  • German - Install THIS CAB and restart your phone!
  • Danish/Norwegina - Install THIS CAB and restart your phone!

MMS Fixes (Pre-sets your MMS Server settings)

Notification Light blinks to infinity!!!
  1. Install THIS CAB first
  2. And then go into Start -> Settings -> Sounds & Notifications -> Notifications (tab), and now you can set the notification light options!!

Screen turns On with new SMS, noo!!! - Just install THIS CAB, and your screen will remain off upon new SMS!

Time Zone Issues
  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Clocks & Alarms
  2. Set the time zone to whatever you need!

ActiveSync Issues (23081 Version)
  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Connections -> USB to PC
  2. Uncheck the last, "Ask me first about USB...." box
  3. Make sure the "ActiveSync (Sync with Outlook)" bubble is filled in.
  4. You may need to restart the phone for ActiveSync to start working

MMS: I want bigger pictures! - Install THIS CAB! (Makes send/recieve limit 1 MB)

GPS Doesn't Connect
After flashing any ROM, GPS can take a while to lock for the first time.

Enable AGPS to assist it: Start -> Utilities -> Tweaks -> Advanced Config, scroll down to and click GPS, then click on Assisted GPS, and using the drop-down menu at the bottom, Enable it. Do the Soft Reset when it prompts you to, and then your GPS should fix faster!

Also, make sure to use the HTC GPSTool, found in Start -> GPS. That will help the GPS to lock faster.

Once you do that, open Google Maps (Or your GPS program), go to Menu -> Use GPS (check the option), and then let your phone sit for 10 minutes or so. Remember, GPS doesn't work well in big buildings. Enjoy!​

YouTube doesn't ever load videos (AT&T) - Go to the YouTube app, click on the Settings icon in the upper right, click on Video Playback Quality, and select Fast Download! If that fails, try installing THIS CAB (Source).

Disable the annoying Flip Clock? - See THIS POST.

Battery decreases in intervals of 10%? Download and install THIS CAB so it decreases in intervals of 1%!

How to Disable SMS Sent Notification?? Just install THIS CAB to Device Memory!

Disable MMS Connect Warning - Install THIS CAB!
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Oct 12, 2008
hello I have a pro2 ita version and I want to install your rom, but with the hardware keyboard as I can solve?
Thanks for your attention


Jul 30, 2008
Yes, that`s it.
but the problem after the install isn a new start the tf3d after push the program tab...i think thats an error...that seems, the rom have a part from 4columns...i have no answer...


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Oct 27, 2007
Great Work.
Smooth, Fast and Stable.
I thought Warhawk was great.
This ROM is even better.
Thank You.
With Spike's cabs for the taskbar.

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    Still any word on the account manager stuff with the youtube and facebook upload.
    I can confirm that the facebook upload works for pictures just did it on the 10-11 release.
    But the youtube upload asks me for my username and password in portrait put it in and it just sits there verifying account or something. Waited a good 5 minutes too for this. And before it gives you the option to put in a username and password it says something about clearing Twitter tweets.
    Any help or confirmation this will NOT work at all would be great, other then this small nit picky stuff wonderful ROM

    Again, not sure about this with the TP2 but there IS a CAB file to ad account mgr. Pretty sure it is an older version and not even sure if it works with this ROM or not. You may wanna do a search and find it and give it a test run. Or you can just wait for NRG to fix it. I'm sure he will as he is the best in the biz!
    Bugs Bugs & More Bugs....

    Firstly thanks for all the hard work building this.....I'm using the Manila 2 version and not the 2.5 (which I read was buggy)

    I've been using for 2 days now...and as a business phone, this ROM is not ideal (at least for me).

    1. PIN logon (required for my exchange server) won't display characters entered....fly by touch really
    2. Half the password/PIN logon is missing most times when entering the phone after being locked.....basically I only get half the screen displayed
    3. Sounds and notification settings do not save after setting, despite hard/soft reset - pretty annoying to have sounds play for most notifications
    4. TouchFlo icons vanish sporadically, again having to touch by memory of what's there.

    Anyone else having these issures?
    Anyone know where I can find the original T-Mobile ROM to go back to something more stable?
    Is there any chance of you cooking in to your rom the Remote Tracker software?

    Think this would make it a much better Rom ;) Also, shouldn't be too much work hopefully, but any chance of making the "TMobile Account Info" programme under "System" in the start menu, an uninstallable software? As I don't have a T-Mobile Sim Card, so would like to uninstall it...

    Keep up good work.

    Cheers :)
    Gotcha.... thanks !!
    Good idea. Ideally you'd want a "mark as read" and a "delete" button.

    Absolutly, this seamingly simple mod would save lots of time and taps.