[R][arm64-aonly/ab/vndk lite][May] Descendant11.5I - android ver. 11r37

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  • Oct 4, 2014
    Why is it stuck on bootloop if I restart. ROM works fine on Xperia X F5122 but as soon as I reboot the rom is stuck in bootloop. Erasing the userdata through adb command makes the rom bootable once again.


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    May 16, 2017
    Why is it stuck on bootloop if I restart. ROM works fine on Xperia X F5122 but as soon as I reboot the rom is stuck in bootloop. Erasing the userdata through adb command makes the rom bootable once again.
    before first reboot try to set boot password in android (enable lock screen, and when enabling lock screen, it will ask for secure boot, enable it too)


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  • How do i fix this?
    I just dirty flashed the rom from feb build

    edit: I just need to delete /sbin or /system/sbin depending on your device. Then recreate it using twrp. Then edit init.environ.rc


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  • damn the battery drain in this rom is unbelievable. 90% to 0% in one night

    there are only 4 apps(full battery usage) and these are parallel(dual accounts), youtube music,Android OS, and Phone Idle. Suprisingly, no one was running in background,they are all in active(phone idle in active use,hmmmm).
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    May 30, 2010
    I flashed the arm64ab in sam a505gn. It boots fine but after setup wizard system ui keeps fcing. also no navbar,gesture control and even statusbar. If I tried to sleep the device and open it again, only black screen. Also after reboot(because I thought this wil fix fc), only black screen.
    How you solve it? Same situation here, booted but system ui crash. Arm 64 aonly

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      Descendant is a customised Android ROM that focuses on enhancing UX and UI
      over stock Android along useful features.


      Head to the download page.




      Same as any ROM.
      Do the necessary wipes and flash the ROM.
      No wipes are needed between updates from Descendant itself, unless specified.

      If you're having problem with SafetyNet, please, install Magisk along the following modules:
      SafetyPatcher, Magisk Hide Props or similar modules.
      But please, mind, we won't support any issue arising from Magisk nor relative modules.


      Listing all the additions would be a huge wall of text, that you wouldn't even read.
      So, head over the Telegram group and feel free to lurk.

      Preloaded applications
      Google Apps are included along Kiwi Browser and Metro.


      Having a bug or not booting for whatever reason?
      Look for "How to report bugs" on this post.
      Bug reports without logs will be ignored.


      @phhusson | @Letzen | @krule031 | @ezio84 | @linuxct

      Android OS version: 11.0.0_r37
      Security patch level: May

      XDA:DevDB Information
      Descendant XI, ROM for Treble Targets

      Version Information
      descendant_gsi_arm64aonly-XI-Official.zip can't booting,Loop to BL.
      descendant_gsi_arm64ab-XI-Official.zip Unlimited reboot.
      I tried a degoogled gsi once with only FOSS apps. It was hellish... None of the apps allowed me to bind my google account to restore some apps. Do i have to start my life over fresh just to get out if Google's grasp?
      Degoogling is something you can't do in a single shot. For every Google's apps/services you need to find a proper alternative. Foss it's better obviously, but the point here it's not about open source vs proprietary software....it's about privacy, it's about to have respect of our freedom. We have to choice between convenience (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., being a product for this advertising companies) and freedom (supporting developers and programmers who produce innovation without spying and selling users data). The hell is to be addicted to Google and Facebook craps...but I think this is clearly off topic now. PS: Mate, this is just for talk, obviously I respect your point of view
      Descendant used to be degoogled Before android 10
      Descendant used to be degoogled Before android 10
      The main reason for which people install custom Rom/GSI is to have an OS free from bloatware/Google's rootkit....so I'll never understand the choice to build a GSI with Google's app included by default. Said this, Descendant is a very great piece of work, so thanks to developers
      It would be amazing to have a degoogled version of this gsi