[R.I.P.] [ROM][AOSP][09Jun] -=BlackICEv1.60=- [2.3.7][LMUE8.9CFSb7][OC2.0GHz]

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Jan 16, 2011
Welcome to BlackICE

Dear Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Mr BlackICE died peacefully in his sleep last night. He was an excellent ROM with a stylish physique and good battery usage. He had a long life and continued to be popular in his later years even after the younger generations of ICS and Jellybean sprang up. I know he will be missed by many.

+ + + R.I.P BlackICE + + +

What is BlackICE?
  • BlackICE is a CyanogenMod derivative; modular, extensible and dark... Very dark
  • Heavily tweaked to boost battery life and performance, fine tuned for Desire HD and Inspire 4G
  • All the great features of the LordModUE kernel
  • This is an open project, we accept cooperation and patches
  • You can build your own BlackICE
Friendly Advice
  • If you are flash BlackICE over a different (not BlackICE) ROM a full wipe / factory reset is required
  • Remember Mom's advice: brush your teeth everyday and take the 5 minutes to backup before flashing
  • * Please read Post #2 thru #5 for more information, including how to resolve Market issues *
Download Links

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Mar 4, 2011
Colmenar Viejo
[ROM][AOSP][14Jan] -=BlackICEv1.26=- [2.3.7][LMUE8.7CFS-b2][OC2.0GHz][OhLeeJuan Ed.]

Basic features
- CyanogenMod v7.2 (Release Candidate) built from source with custom patches
- LordModUE latest CFS - tuned up OnDemand governor by default
- Source modifications from original CyanogenMod - it may include home made patches still not released for general public.
- SysTune free -
See discussion thread
. You should consider buying full version from market
- gapps-20110930 base including gtalk with camera support
- Market app downgraded to v2.3.6 by default - Believe, you want this. Faster and cleaner.
- Nice looking! - default 200 lcd density, that means more space for you apps and widgets.
- Zeam Launcher by default
- Auto zipaligner script from boot - thx LeeDroid
- Tweaks and customizations and extensions via ICETool v1.00
- Lots of small tweaks from boot
- Torch camera from lock screen - MIUI style - long press home to turn on / off the light
- BlackICE Original feature- BLN!!! (Black Light Notifications)
- Autorun.txt file for customization from flash

Tweaks, tweaks, tweaks...
- OnDemand CPU governor by default, tuned up for perfect behavior
- VM heapsize increased to 64M
- Increased wifi scan rate to 100
- Increaded events rate
- Disabled RIL power collapse
- Tuned up proximity delay and ring delay
- Increased TCP buffers, VM memory tweaks, tuned up OOM settings ... details here
- Preconfigured hosts file to avoid ad banners
- SuplRootCert for extra AGPS fixation

Apps, apps, apps...
- SysTune free
- MiuiCamera #17 in pure english (+stock camera)
- QuickPic instead of Gallery3D
- Titanium Backup
- ChainFire3D
- DHD Proximity Recalibrator
- Flash Player 11
- 4EXT Recovery Updater
- ANDROID ICS Leaks: Google Music, Market, ICS Launcher, ICS Wallpapers, StreetView, Maps v6.XX
- Lots of extra apps on separate package

- Custom boot animation
- Custom backgrounds
- Modded ADW launcher for 5x5 desktop
- Nice default theme
- Included iOS Lock / Unlock sounds, FacebookPop for alerts
- Dark Android Keyboard
- Extra installable keyboards: Black Swype, HTC_IME
- Extra themes on separate package

About ICETool
- RIL switching right from the tool
- GPS configuration for your country
- DSP presets chooser
- UV profiles (-25, -50, PUV, SPUV, PUVX)
- System remounting read write (no need for root explorer)
- hosts file refreshing (AdFree replacement)
- Charging tweaks
- Other customization (bootsound, bootanimation, ...)
- Bravia Engine LCD tweak

We also include here installable features not directly included in the build for various reasons:
- Multiple market versions (default v2.3.6 and leaked ICS Market)
- Nexus S Swype
- ADWLauncher / UDLauncher / ICS Launcher, ...
- Lots of stuff

Extra packages (on separate download)...
All are installed on /data and updated to latest:
Maps all roads, GMail, GReader, GMaps, StreetView, GPS Status, QBanin, GPSFix, Antivirus Free, ...

WARNING Full wipe is needed 1st time


- Some ICETool options delay too much / FCs - just wait ... ICETool is in early beta, it is downloading content for you...
- New Market not offering some download links / can't upgrade some packages? That's a bug on non english language. Use older Market or change to English USA
- Further problems? Full wipe before installing with FULL_WIPE_1.5_EXT4

Thanks to:
- CM7 team - Kali-
- "a user" for his assistance and tweaks, and his great app SysTune
You should consider buying it from Market
- killersloth for his Stable PUV script
- All the authors of the included apk's
- Testers!!!
- Donators
- Team ProjectX (that's us!)
- ... lots of people from xda-developers

- Nandroid backup!!!
- Remove dalvik cache, wipe cache partition
- Flash BI .zip's of your choice, straight away
- Wait until "Done!"
- Reboot!

Further steps / recommended extras:
- Turn on lock / unlock sound on Settings -> Sound

Advanced install options

You can push a text file in /sdcard/blackice/autorun.txt with custom options for every flash.
See the example file
icetool script will take care of them and apply your typical options prior to first boot!
Current supported options at boot time:
 # Switch gps.conf for your country (see /sdcard/blackice/gpsconf/*)
 gpsconf [COUNTRY]
 # Switch ril from the default (rils on /sdcard/blackice/ril/*)
 # Set LCD density
 density [190|200|240]
 # Boot sound off
 # Uncomment this if you want to overlay an existing
 # directory hierarchy on sdcard over /system
 overlay /system /sdcard/blackice/system
 # Uncomment this if you want to overlay an existing
 # directory hierarchy on sdcard over /data
 overlay /data /sdcard/blackice/data
 # Uncomment this if you want to enable braviaengine
 braviaengine on
Renice script:
You can push a text file in /sdcard/blackice/renice.txt with custom renice of process.
These values won't be applied until you run the "Autorenice processes" option of icetool
If you need a decent app to change them and persist them, then buy SysTune from market.
See the example file icetool script will take care of them and apply your typical options when clicked on that options.
 # Example renice.txt file
 # Below a list of processes that should be reniced
 # #1 : Process name
 # #2 : Priority (ranging -20 to +19, being -20 realtime prio and +19 idle prio)
 # These priorities are only applied *after* running "Autorenice" option of ICETool
 com.google.android.music -15
 com.android.systemui     -11
 org.adwfreak.launcher    -11
Users contributed extras:

BlackICE graphics thread by jameslsmith
BlackICE MODs: Battery and Notification mods by baltazar.nilsson

- ChezBel: ROM Maintainer
- AlienMind: ROM developer
- LorDClockaN: Kernel developer
- Rdlgrmpf : ROM developer
- The Unknown Noob: ROM designer
- Paradoxxx: ROM designer

Contact info:
- Follow us on twitter!
- Donate each developer only if you think this ROM was useful to you. XDA is plenty of ROMs without real features, we hope to fill that gap.

Donations so far: asdhir.amit1, rtarba, joelangston (2x!), exhibit273, Karl Golland, nameofthisuser, Tim Ambrose, Douglas Summersgill, Chezbel, o_mcadam...
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Feb 7, 2011
How to enable BLN:
You can enable BLN (ButtonLightNotification) by going to CyanogenMod settings -> Interface -> LED notifications -> Advanced -> Use BLN
If you want to have a toggle in the statusbar got to
CyanogenMod settings -> Interface -> Notification power widget -> Widget buttons -> Toggle BLN
changing the order is just as usual in Widget button order.
If you want to disable it for certain apps, you can do this by disabling the LED in this specific app. That is the only way because BLN is bound to the LED flag. Introducing a new Flag makes no sense because it is not in the tools that App developers can use.

General idea behind the framework modification:
The general idea was to make the softkeys flash whenever a new notification arrives. However, there is a problem with that. Other than the "normal" LEDs (LCD-backlight and softkey-backlight, the notification-LED has a file called "blink" in
So you only need to write "1" into the file and the hardware will do the rest. (https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_ace/blob/gingerbread/liblights/lights.c, l.116)

Therefore I switched to only turn it on when the screen is off and a notification arrives. Having it turned on instead of blinking takes slightly more power, but has the same visual effect, because you would still notice it, as it normally is off when the screen is off.

Changes I made:
These are the currently up to date changes:

I think Danny Baumann has a point when he said, it would be better to implement it device-specific because there are devices like the Samasung Galaxy S II that have this feature in a (custom) kernel. I don't know how to do framework changes device-specific though. But I am still learning and there should be a way. https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_ace/blob/gingerbread/ace.mk looks key.

Update #1:
Danny pointed me to motorola jordan https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_jordan
So I will try to make AceParts and the corresponding changes in liblights/lights.c. If it doesn't go into CM then, I don't know what else to do :D

If anyone is willing to help or can give hints please do so :D
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Mar 4, 2011
Colmenar Viejo
FAQ - thx maatsby

Q: How do i flash this?
If this is your first time = Full Wipe
If you're coming from an older version = Just flash (it will wipe cache's for you)

Q: What is the recommended radio?
A: There's no universal Radio + RIL solution in this ROM, nor any AOSP. You have to experiment
Lots of people use the newest But it depends on your region, area, mobile phone carrier, ...

Q: What is the recommended RIL?
A: There's no universal Radio + RIL solution in this ROM, nor any AOSP. You have to experiment
All the G rils are there in ICE Tool for you to test what fits better

Q: But those guys at the radio thread told me that I must use XXXX-HM RIL for my YYYY radio.
A: Quoting kitecarl: As the saying goes, "Friends don't let friends flash H-RILs on CM7-based ROMs."
Seriously - stick with ONLY the G-RILs that come with ICETool and all will be good in the world.

Q: Something isn't working / is Force Closing!
A: This is a work in progress. If this is a new problem, report it in the thread.
BUT SEARCH FIRST. Chances are two other people have noticed this and reported it already

Q: How do I get a banner in my signature? How can I theme? I hate the default look!
A: Look at the user contributed extras such as BlackICE graphics thread by jameslsmith or BlackICE MODs: Battery and Notification mods by baltazar.nilsson. Or revert back to default CM looks by using the original SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk

Q: What is undervolting?
A: Changing the voltage available to each CPU frequency. Use ICE Tool or the Systune app (or both) to play with this
Proceed with caution. Freeze / reboot / crazy behaviour is a possibility

Q: Why does the market say this app is incompatible with your device?
A: This is due to the dpi. Sorry, but google doesn't like you to mess with dpi. If you use default device 240 it will work. However, if you want to use different density such as BlackICE default 200, either use the old market, or change the dpi to 240 in ICETool, download your app, then change it back. If you use the tool, Market app data will be cleared to make it work
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