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Apr 27, 2010
Has anyone played with the Si4709 chip in a SPH-L900?

I've read plenty of stuff saying that the us variants don't have the hardware, but I thought I'd check for myself.

I built a kernel with support for the chip (using ashton seo of samsung's driver) and loaded up the module.

The driver is only documented in the code comments, so I tried Spirit just to see if it'd pick up on it, but Spirit reboots the phone when started. ;) Sooo... I tried just turning on the chip in FM receive mode, which didn't result in a reboot.

I went over to sysfs and poked through the related twiddles (which there are a bunch of) and didn't come up with anything useful (most things were full of zeroes).

Anyone have any experience with it? Anyone have some sample code that works with the Si4709?

I guess it could be that the phone really doesn't have the hardware, but I'm not sure how to tell at this point.

The Spirit author (who presumably knows all about this stuff) does say in his Spirit thread that this phone lacks hardware, so maybe I should defer to that wisdom, unless someone has an idea as to how we can verify that the hardware is or is not there.

Edit: Here is a kernel with si47xx support if anyone wants to have a go. It's built as a module, so modprobe Si4709_driver to load 'er up.
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